The Importance of Being Earnest

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Book Facts

  • Author: Oscar Wilde
  • First Published: 1895
  • Origin Country: United Kingdom
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: Public Domain
  • Format: PDF

Book Description

Many say that when The Importance of Being Earnest first hit theatres it was the peak of his career and the start of the downfall for the playwright Oscar Wilde.

An argument that started when Wilde refused his boyfriend’s entry to the theatre due to a stunt he intended to carry out soon spiraled into a crout case.

This court case exposed Wilde as being in a homosexual relationship and shocked Victorian England.

Wilde ended up being sent to prison for several years putting a halt to the performances of The Importance of Being Earnest after 86 shows.

After his release, the author went to live in Paris, France who were more tolerant of homosexuality at the time.

This book focuses on the social conventions of people in Victorian England and tries to humor the audience by breaking apart those conventions.

Due to Wilde’s sexual preferences being exposed many critics started to pick apart the story and explain that it contained homosexual subtext.

Wilde never wrote a comedy or drama again and instead published a long letter he had written about his trials once he had left prison called De Profundis.

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