A Modest Proposal

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Book Facts

  • Author: Jonathan Swift
  • First Published: 1729
  • Origin Country: UK
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: Public Domain
  • Format: PDF

Book Description

When A Modest Proposal was released in 1729 it used shock and satire to get its controversial message across to the reader.

This story centers around the idea that the poor should sell their children to the rich in order to raise funds to buy food.

Clearly, this is an almost sarcastic statement but by making such a bold statement the reader is able to think about how ludicrous the situation is.

It’s set in Ireland and talks about the idea that the divide between rich and poor is a problem for everybody.

Discussed in the book is also the attitudes of the British towards its neighboring Ireland with them looked down on due to differences in culture.

Although practices were underway to help the situation in Ireland that the books talks about even these are under attack by the author Johnathan Swift.

Even to this day, the way the message is portrayed in A Modest Proposal is used in arguments with people suggesting an extreme scenario to get their point across.

One example of this in 2019 when at an event to help combat climate change a speaker proclaimed that we should “eat more babies” as a way to help.

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